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Sustainable Neighborhoods: The Time is Now

2008 - 2009 Information on the Sustainable Neighborhoods project can be found at www.sustainableneighborhoods.blogspot.com.

Greening Our Neighborhoods & Businesses: From Design to Community. A Lunch and Learn event.

What: Greening Our Neighborhoods & Businesses: From Design to
Community. A Lunch and Learn event.

When: Thursday, February 28, Noon to 2 PM.


* Joan Pauly, National LEED- Neighborhood Design Committee:
"Neighborhoods Taking the LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design - Neighborhood Design Standards"
* John Baker, Co-Chair, Clifton Community Council and members of
the Sustainable Clifton working group: "Weaving Neighborhood Living
and Learning: Sustainability Design and Ecovillage Education"

Where: Adena Center at Webster University Louisville, KY Campus
Directions: I-71 Exit 2, Zorn Ave. @ River Rd behind BP to the Galen
Buiding, Second Floor. (Map)

Cost: Free and open to the public. Donations welcome. $10 requested
for a light lunch buffet.

Please RSVP: To 502 410-2786 or community...@yahoo.com

* How can neighborhood residents and businesses go green?
* How can local business associations and neighborhoods coalitions
get ahead of the curve to take advantage of the new standards and
opportunities in sustainability?
* How do we plan for successful green futures?
* What can individuals do in our own backyard and with our
neighbors and local retailers, to create green neighborhoods now?

LEED - ND is the primary green neighborhood planning standard of the
US Green Building Council. The Gaia Education Ecovillage Design
program is the principal learning curriculum of the UN Institute for
Training and Research. In Louisville, the Clifton neighborhood has
committed to exploring these approaches to moving towards
sustainability, and other neighborhoods are discussing similar
strategies. Join us in a discussion with LEED and neighborhood leaders
in discussing opportunities for neighbors and businesses to "go


LEED-ND/ Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Neighborhood

Sustainable Clifton: http://sustainableclifton.blogspot.com
Joan Pauly http://joanpauly.com
Gaia Education: Ecovillage Design Education: http://gaiaeducation.org
Sustainable Business Networks: http://sustainblebusinessnetworks.blogspot.com
Adena Center: http://adenacenter.blogspot.com

Interested in learning more about local sustainability? Join the
conversation! Go to http://groups.google.com/group/sustainabilityeducation
and sign up for regular news and discussion on how to "go green" in
Louisville and beyond.

This Workshop qualifies for CEU credit for the Program in
Sustainability Studies of the Adena Center at Webster University. If
you would like to apply for CEU credit for this course or for the
Certificate in Sustainability, please contact ad...@webster.edu
More Information: www.sustainabilityeducation.blogspot.com

About the Living and Learning for Sustainability series

This event is sponsored by the Sustainable Business Networks project,
helping to build the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
( www.livingeconomies.org ). Join us for Earth Week with Judy Wicks
and the Second Annual Green and Local Business Conference, April 20
and 21, 2008!

MSD Variance Remanded for Beargrass Creek

Metropolitan Sewer District Variance Approving Relocation of Beargrass Creek on River Metals Property Is Remanded

On January 25, 2008, Jefferson Circuit Judge Kathleen Voor Montano issued an 18-page opinion in the appeal filed by the Irish Hill Neighborhood Association and Lisa Dettlinger of the grant of a variance by the Metropolitan Sewer District Floodplain Board allowing relocation of Beargrass Creek in order to facilitate a new commercial development on the River Metals property in the Irish Hill Neighborhood.

The court agreed that the Irish Hill Neighborhood Association had standing to represent the interests of its members in protecting Beargrass Creek and assuring proper implementation of the floodplain ordinance, that the due process rights of the Association and Ms. Dettlinger were abridged by the denial by MSD of a right to cross-examine witnesses at the floodplain variance hearing, and that the decision by the Floodplain Board lacked findings of basic fact to fit the land.

Irish Hill Neighborhood Wikipedia Article